Trekking April 2008 :: Chanderigad

This was my first trek after a long hiatus since November… As usual MoRonz AdvEntUrez Group coffee meetup @ Candies was shaping up the future treks (list of go-to’s to be conducted for the coming months)… and there was one coming in the nearest future (the next week)… but the destination wasnt determined as yet.. Mallikarjun was arranging for this trek .. He finalised on Chanderigad and I soon agreed to join him.. but I was askin him to postpone the trek by a week more coz the week decided wasn’t a full moon night. And I had checked the moon phase calendar for 2008 I had a word with Mallik and he too agreed on the same and the night trek was finalized!

[on 19th April 2008]
This one being the Anniversary trek was a lot of excitement. There were almost 30 pple who had RSVP’d for this event.
and finally the night trek was an amazing one with 25 ppl

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