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Air, Water, Fire, Space, and Earthly affairs: When we are walking down the street, or buying a ticket at the railway station, or thinking about cleaning utensils, we humans encounter a lot of glitches in how things are happening around us. We find issues, and dig into deeper problems and try to solve them in really intuitive ways. As always, we may find quick hacks to fix problems instantaneously or at times we build solutions from the grass root levels to build larger and stronger solutions that last a lifetime. In this process, you are either a problem solver or a consumer of a product / service created by someone. This is how creative humans are wired to find a way to get through our challenges in the day to day life, by building something or by using some ready tools or products that exists.

Problem Solving is your fascination: As soon as you find a problem, your brain talks about ways to fix it you draft ideas in your head to solve problems. As a problem solver, we imagine a suitable idea to the problem at hand and we look forward to guidance and some action to fulfil those. We innovate and we struggle at various stages and want to find a larger user base with similar abilities who can build such solutions. Those who can help criticising our approach and providing comments to help define better ways to do it. And this is where community activity comes in, an action lead by larger group of like minded people to fix the problems for a larger user base with really exciting and better solutions is going to multiply the growth of the product at hand. You are either on the side of creating a solution as an individual or a part of the team collaborating to build this product.

You don’t have to always build things, you can be a consumer: And if you are not curious enough to build the product for the problem at hand, you look for ready products. In case your creative cells are not strong to fix the problem, you work towards being good at finding the best product/ tools/ which can be consumed by you to fix the problem. Your mind will be really good at finding the right tools. Though this does not make you any lesser of a human. You just don’t like spending time creating products and this is absolutely fine. Just like, not everyone is meant to create music, we do need listeners who appreciate music and listen to the creators of music. But we do need your help too. We need you to work with us and provide suggestions if you had to use any of our products what would you like us to do better with those products.

Why are you required to engage with us: Thank you for reaching until this section, the purpose of this section on my website is to engage with people like you. Someone who can help engage with the projects either by participating in solving the problems or being a consumer of the products. I and my community friends are working on such earthly problems together. Variety of projects are associated with daily living needs of humans. And at times they are in the creative space to evaluate how best we can administer artistic ways to solve problems for billions of people on this planet. Some of these projects may be at the idea stage, some at implementation stage and few at alpha/ beta stage. Hit to the comments section, initiate a discussion if you are interested to collaborate on any of our projects or have better ideas or feature requests to better them. Looking forward. Happy creating and consuming.

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