Trip to Bhandardara

Trip to Bhandardara – 10th Aug 2008 :: Hostway Engineering Gang

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Trekking around Satara

Trekking Aug 2008 :: Around Satara Region [Trekking Vairatgad-Nandgiri(Kalyangad)-Pateshwar-Sajjangad]

My First Trek with JanSeva Samiti was on 23rd and 24th Aug 2008. I wasn’t sure if I would be going – since a couple of days before the event I had fever but somehow I got well and joined them for this trip ! This trip had Vairatgad, Nandgiri(Kalyangad) on the 1st day and Thoseghar waterfalls on the 2nd day. It had bundled Thoseghar waterfalls in the event – but due to bad roads we had to cancel the plan to Thoseghar waterfalls and we did Pateshwar and Sajjangad instead on the 2nd day.

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Friends are like pants

Friends are like Pants !! When we share laughter, there is twice the fun ! When we share success, we have surpassed what we’ve done ! When we share dreams, they become more real ! When we share secrets, it’s our hearts we reveal ! And what draws us closer and makes us all care, … Read more