Kaman Durg

June 2007: KamanDurg Trek

(9th June 2007) – as usual a trekking plan was due to be scheduled!!

I soon drafted an email !! for all the Meetup Members and my close trekka fellas.

me and vjgroup snapme
vijayme and the summitVijay and the summit
another one for shaadi.com !rajoba maharajyeah, what a pose !!!

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May 2007: Karnala Trek

Why do you need to visit Karnala?

Karnala Trek – Authored by my friend: Ruturaj Vartak

The trek was finalized !!! phew !!! After endless discussions to pick a peculiar destination. Karnala that was, a bird sanctuary. Why ? ’cause it was an easy one ! well… that was one of the points that contributed towards its vote, another one was its easy accessibility, only 15 mins from Panvel bus depot. Panvel bus depot itself being only 1.30 hrs from Dadar station by ST bus.

Excited !!! Mukti able to make it this time, even Saurabh. Other participants being the regulars, Vijay, Sudani and Neeraj. Good, always need some TP during treks, and Mukti assures that. She is best at it, with Saurabh to add some spice. The Junagadh king, Mr. Ashok Sudani adding the gujrati flavour to our recipe. Vijay and me relishing every moment of it.

Travelling Directions

26th May 2007, As usual I was unable to have sound sleep in the night, waking up every half hr. or so, just to check what time is it. At last waking just before the 4’o clock’s hammering ring. Even without enough sleep, I was contended. Looking forward. A quick brush, and a call to Vj.

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