I have always known that about pages are cliches, they dont exactly tell the right thing about us.

Well, let me cut the long story short. To know everything about me. “moronkreacionz” is my handle on the www.

# About
Wierdo, Geek, Gizmo Freak, Intergalactic Agent, Trekker (wannabe Wagabond), Keyboard Cowboy, Hardware Addict, Typo King(bad at typin’), Software Junkie, Once a Professor, Creative Optimizer, Idea Evangelist, Photographer (Nature/Fashion/Abstract), Blabber-mouth, Vacuumed Emotions, Anchored a Dance Show, Shameless Showman, Technology Enthusiast, Tech Speaker, Media Personality(closed in 4 walls), Technology Consultant… and above all the.only.moron

What is moronkreacionz?

Its pure neology for the term moron creations “moron kreacionz”. Plain and stupid, idiotic creations.
the only moronz on the earth who can help u is me : mee moronz © , moronkreacionz Inc.

Deja Vu .. wat you see has already been forseen.

# Disclaimer
This website is not designed to provide psychological advice or to substitute for professional counsel. Its main purpose is to increase your knowledge, happiness, share adventure knowhow, technical insight and many more aspects of day to day life by making you aware of information. I or my website is not liable for any consequences of all your thoughts and actions based on reading the content on my website. No responsibility is accepted for use of this information. Use it entirely at your own risk. Information contained is for fun, entertainment, adventure and educational purposes only.

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