Peb (Vikatgad)

August 2007: Trekking Peb – Vikatgad

I need a break !!
The time I wasnt in a situation to go ahead with any more work … I thought of joinin in mOrOnZ Group (Mumbai Trekkers) a.k.a. MoRonz AdvEntUrez
– who are all geared up for a nature getaway almost every weekend…
Trekking Peb – Authored by my friend: Anupama

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
Getting away from the monotonous office life is what we MoRonz strive for. And the scaling of PEB / VIKATGAD was one more feather to our caps. Work / Office is part of the slavery to our “Paapi Pet”. Our Adventures together is what we term as “Life”. This time around our adventure started from CST station on 25-08-07. All the moroners were required to report to the station at 11pm and we were going to catch the 11:28 train to Karjat. I arrived at 10:30pm, as the first citizen of our group Mr. Kalpess Bhai had decided to grace us with his presence and give us his blessings. But then he dared to come in a tee which said “I am allergic to morons”. How dare u Mr. First Citizen??.. Iska badla hum zaroor lenge..heh he. And the first thing Mallikaji does on my arrival, is introduce me to Nitin. He he… the portable potty guy… Everyone was most eager to meet him actually…

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