the official journey of – môRöNz Life

I’m a technologist, photographer, and adventurous trekker based in Mumbai. This is my personal space on the evergrowing web. It’s the hub for my personal and digital life. Enjoy!!

I have been working all my LIFE .. like :
.. engineer in his intellectual curiosity
.. designer in his fashion store
.. photographer in his gallery
.. painter in his studio
.. mechanic in a workshop
.. doctor in his private clinic
.. surgeon in an OT
.. professor in his class
.. scientist in his lab
.. psychologist in his consulting firm

I have desired to write a book on my life experiences – something to express with the way we deal with our regular life, social standing, emotional equations, intellectual property, daily dilemmas, moral issues, heart felt desires, unwanted addictions, relationships, personal affairs, professional approach, human interactions, behavioral problems, personal development, self assessment, mental disorders, educational research and all the areas tat lies within our control center…..
I am working on a writing few books for personal READ – books on môRöNz Life – “how do I perceive LIFE as !!”

I treat life as it comes !
.. with madness at its best
.. insanity at its purest form
.. dignity in all I do
.. companionship worth a life
.. sharing the deepest of the desires life a “breaking news”
.. never stop thinking
.. never betray a heart
.. never stop loving, sharing, caring, expressing
.. adventure in its wildest form
.. lot more !!
all in all – learn how I live @ môRöNz Life!!

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