Trekking May 2008 :: Pilgrimage to Jivdani

All out of the blue – on an compulsary official off – May 1st – when all the working white collared colleagues of mine were resting home – a friend of mine was scheming a plan to visit Jivdani Temple at Virar. I have been there lots of times while I was a small kid.
We all planned the trip out of nowhere @2:00 p.m. Decided to meet at Virar @ 4:00 p.m. and head off to the Temple and return home in a few hours.

I knew that there were stairs to climb up to the temple. But as soon as we reached at the base of the pilgrimage site, we some how decided to go off road and make our own way to the top. Some how this ordinary climb was converted into a wonderful trek by us.

Check the pics that follow and you shall get an idea about how exciting we made this simple trip.

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