Trekking June 2009 :: Siddhagad

Months and months gone by!
Killing summers round the corner fading away..
showing the signs of a rainy day,
clouds of desire arise again,
awaking the dead monsters from the suburban terrain.

Whenever we dream – we reach for it. The monsoon enlightens the shades of life, the colors of nature and the freshness of breath. A few close buddies decide on a destination to have an ice-breaker to this monsoon trekking saga.
Ma Lee (Mallikarjun) invites a few selected buddies for a sweet gathering and caressing the fresh green before the advent of the stormy nights ~ Destination: Siddhagad

Joining in for the trek were: Mallik, Swati, Sneha, Kudrat, Amol Rajoba, Ruturaj and myself

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May 2007: Harishchandragad Trek

—- I got a call from my frnd called Anupama.. on Friday 18th May ’07.. and she asked me for a trek !! I had never met this girl – who had asked me for the trek (she was an online friend – thru Orkut)
a Friday evening.. and the day to go was Saturday 19th May 2007 — an over night trek ( way to go – Harishchandragad )

I had already had a bad experience earlier — on my first visit to Harishchandragad.. We couldn’t make it it to the base also… so I was keen to go ahead… All I wondered was.. it was too early to go for Harishchandragad… as it was mid May. But I decided to go ahead .. asked a couple of colleagues…. and my frnd Sid.. and we planned the schedule over phone conversations..

We had a wonderful trek .. just out of nowhere..

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November 2006: NaneGhat

Why do you need to visit Nane Ghat ?
Nane Ghat
Height : 830m/2724ft
Ideal Time : All round the year
Water Supply : Decent
Cave : Can accomodate 25-30 people

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