Freedom to ME

Freedom to ME…..

I.. Me.. Myself..
free·dom : means
– the absence of ______________________________
– the presence of ______________________________
– the independence ______________________________
– the right to ______________________________
– the immunity to ______________________________
– the power to ______________________________
aLL in aLL – Azaadi DIL ki…

Independence of thoughts promotes invention and research from the deeper you…

Experiencing the power to express the desires of the inner thoughts you are able to explore beyond da boundaries of imagination.

I am just one of the few very billion Indians who are just proud of being an INDIAN…

I haven’t done anything gr8 as of now, but I sure will prove the world with all the thrill and passion which lies deep within me – I shall make it gr8 some day for ma country, ma people, ma NATION…..
However small I can contribute to, even though unnoticeable for the whole world, all that amounts is I am willing to do something which I can yearn to do!!

We are the common Indian man!! who strives every day to make a better life!!

Who strives each day to make up for his wonderful family, earn better, pamper his children, caress the loved ones, express affection for the elderly.
The one who values his rich cultural heritage.. who loves mankind and appreciates goodness in all he does.. believes in these customs and traditions.. participates and enjoys.. shares the emotions on various occasions. Shares the goodness of being a good human being.
At the end being an Indian by heart, body and soul.

I have believed in the diversity of all its cultures! But what I fear is the influence of external forces and adversities induced by them. We have a strong culture thats our own. We possess the power to express cordial reception for all friends and foes. Be it just another day – we are still the same – a deep heart felt desire to make a better living – a deep expression which inculcates positive emotions. An expression to welcome the unforeseen and a lot more!!

A story so untold about the old INDIAN traditions – we all follow and we all believe – its our FAITH and its in our BLOOD!!

Be an INDIAN !


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