The day just started early, I woke up at 8 am and I feel astonished to mention that I am still awake with the breath of freshness, 65 years of independence. Woah! what did I like abt myself to live up to this day in life.

My tone sounds fresh, with the pinch of regret. I feel happy in my personal life, but when I look at the broad picture to paint my life – I see the nation struggling thru the dark mess of corrupt babus, I feel like fighting each day to survive for the next day, day to day living is making life mess for everyone around me. Future is smiling with feeling of a great family to lead life, but the burden to make a living is making the happiness fade.
Is this the dream every man lived for?
Is this motivating us to do all the hardwork?
Is this what we put our efforts for?
Is this why we pay taxes ?
Is this what makes our life worth a memory?
Is there a better question to ask one self – why are we living in a land which does not give us what we want?

Everyone has to be living in a land which respects him, where he gives something to the land and he gets some thing back in return (getting something back in return is nothing but security, happiness, peace of mind, future with brightness, a safer place to live for his future family)

Who would not want a stable place to lead a dream life. Every man speaks of his life as achievement, but they regret all achievements when it comes to being slammed into a corner with pending bills to pay, taxes on each commodity to buy, life with ever increasing competition within the social circles, rather than joining hands to fight for a better cause – people are fighting against each other.

The tone of my talk is happiness with hidden fear,
frankness with sarcasm,
desire with fear,
hope with insecurity.
How else can one define a lovely independence day like this. This is a day – we talk about.

Here is what people regret to read, recollecting last few days of watching TV, Ramdev with a few 100K people being caught in an open stadium since govt doesnt have place to arrest them and contain in any jails. Release them before the wildfire spreads, they dont have the money to serve food to so many prisoners. There are many sad things in the recent past, rape cases to hear on news channels, floods washing away the main towns in remote locations, draughts in places where there should have been enough rain, natural calamities uncontrolled, shortage of power, lack of foresight, willingness to evade a great vision, power to the foolish, iRregret but I am iHappy..

Independence from what!! – costs of petrol increasing, prices of all infrastructural costs being borne by civilians of the society. The day I woke up today, I decide to speak my heart, I feel strange.

For all working people its a day off, not really in memories of the martyrs
For a school going kid, its a forced day with uniform so to speak up the words of patriotism which they may not really feel for a country controlled by white-barned babus.
For all the oldies, its a day when they remember the days of British rule, everything was the same. But costs were still lower.
For all the women of today, they feel pride in getting equality, but their fright increases each day with the increase in rage and violence of women abuse.
For all the animals out there, is there really and difference to them, rather they keep accounting to the death of their family/community every day with decline in the no of species each day.
For all the industries, surge of one new technology over riding the existence of the other
For all envious nations, find ways to curb the growth, GDP, economy of our nation,
For all sports people, only one biased sport gets attention like its the only fav child (you know which sport I am talking about)
For all Businessmen, where else can they make more money, Its only in India, all consumers are ever ready to pay, bribe gets them most of the work done, competitive markets keep being battered with the different under the table strategies
For all Army men, they live their life away from families, just to earn a life filled with pension for their dependents, unaware of whether they shall survive or not
For all farmers, even the underdeveloped countries have better infrastructure compared to a developing country like ours.
For all the scientists, there could never be a better country like India, so many scientific brains, but all at waste, never a platform for them to execute their research so see any light.
For all the rural towns, what they see is benefits within the reach of their political influence.
For all the states of India, they want to compete against each other, nothing but feel a better state in terms of fighting for resources against each other, determine ways to exhibit selfish motives even though its a part of the same motherland
For all the cities, bring out a different color of culture and speak about what levels of independence is being lived upon.
Everyone has a spark in themselves, Everyone wants to live freedom, Everyone is Happy,
But – there is a really big “if” only things were in control.

Happe Independence Day. Be in charge of your own life, Make your own life. Do not depend on others, be really independent.

Listening to “Rock the Boat – Bob Sinclair” (in repeat loop – for the umpteenth time) – If I ignore the lyrics and just catch the metaphor, I really feel that everyone wants to rock the boat, everyone wants happiness, everyone wants to speak up their desire, everyone wants freedom, party all nite, tune up their hopes, charge themselves, fight the coming storm, be independent.

All I can say is iRregret but I am iHappy.. Happy Independence Day..

Spread the word – Get Independent.

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