September 2006: Malanggad

Why do you need to visit Malanggad ?
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mORON kReAcIONz – Trekking Malanggad – Photos/Pictures

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Lohagad – Visapur

September 2005: Lohagad – Visapur

Why do you need to visit Visit Lohagad – Visapur ?

Lohagad – Visapur
these .images were taken during the Trekkin in :SEPTEMBER 2005: Lohagad – Visapur: all trekka fellas @ Directi…

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November 2006: NaneGhat

Why do you need to visit Nane Ghat ?
Nane Ghat
Height : 830m/2724ft
Ideal Time : All round the year
Water Supply : Decent
Cave : Can accomodate 25-30 people

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