Gal Sunle Soniye

Awesome song, awesome video. Nice going Jinx! Lyrics: sanu tere naal hoeya pyar, ni gal sunle soniye (4) dhoor dhoor rekhe sanu na tarpa tu, sadde naal pakiya mohabatta nibaa tu (2) sadde naal pakiya mohabatta nibaa tu mainu har vele tera kyaal ni gal sunle soniye (2) mainu tere naal hogeya pyaar ni gal … Read more Gal Sunle Soniye

Simple Life

How strange it is..

– v wish to earn loads of money
but we have the best times when we hve 10 bucks in pocket

– v wish to wear high brands
but we feel the most comfortable in dirty pajamas pants

– v wish to sit in taj and marriot with elite people
but we enjoy street food with friends the most

– v wish to own big cars and go on long drives
but we talk our heart only while walking down a long road

– life is indeed simple we complicate it
we make it complex by running after what never gives us joy

– love life – take note of small things and
for when you achieve them you can smile and say –

I Have Lived!!!