Bird Watching: Flamingo Watch in Mahul (Chembur, Mumbai)

Bird Watching :: April 2008

Ever heard of migratory birds – I have always seen pictures of wonderful pink dolls on the Times of India, Hindustan Times and other daily newspapers. I am referring to the Flamingos – the pink feathered wading bird also called as Phoenicopterus [refer: Wikipedia:Flamingo].

[on 26th April 2008]
One fine day at work – one of my colleagues Ruturaj raised a travel request to visit the flamingos somewhere near Chembur a place called Mahul creek – for some random photography time. Since a long time I had a desire to go and visit these birds and capture them and I got an excuse to see them in person.
At work – I, Ruturaj, Vinay and Amol were all set for this event. And we called up one of our trekking pals – Mallikarjun – he too agreed to join us on his new bicycle Raleigh M650. We finally agreed upon the rendezvous and as soon as I reached home I happened to arrange for the basic tools (my Canon EOS 400D – Rebel XTi) for the early morning.

As planned I headed toward the destination on my Apache. I had to pickup Rajoba from Andheri on my way to Bandra near Lucky Hotel – where I was supposed to meet Ruturaj(who was to come on his Unicorn and pick up Vinay from the Bandra Railway Station). We had taken the way from Kalanagar-Sion-Chembur and we were to meet Mallikarjun at Akbarallys at Chembur. He was waiting with his bicycle all geared up for a morning ride. From there on – we started our way to Mahul village. I had never ever heard about this place before in my life – was just aware that these pink dolls are visible some place near the creeks around Chembur. We reached the Mahul village with great help from people wandering around on the streets early morning.

The story goes far from being brief. But I would take my time sharing it some other time. Please get in touch with some locals before you go there for the right time of the day – a high tide is preferred over a low tide. Also these birds are available only during our summer season (Dec,Jan to May,June).
You can contact locals who shall help you see the birds as well as guide you through the creek on their motor boats or rowing boats.

We got in touch with:

– Rajaram Mahulkar – 98678 39221

– Pundalik Koli – 98671 58517

You can also visit the photo gallery of the event at My and Rutu’s picasa web album.

Do visit them for once – they visit us in 10s of 1000s and we cant visit them in lots of 10s ?

7 thoughts on “Bird Watching: Flamingo Watch in Mahul (Chembur, Mumbai)

  1. We invite you to A 2 hrs drive from Mumbai. It’s our farm house & we opened our space for visitors. Our journey started on a barren piece of 5 acres.Today its a throbbing fruit forest, we have nurtured mother earth and celebrating 25yrs.It took22 yrs for the birds to come,today its a paradise for bird watchers, nature lovers. to see the bio diversity and nature explode. As its evolving we definitely see it as a bird sanctuary.We promise pure magic in nature, a symphony of birds every morning, with organic healthy food. Waterfalls /streams/lakes lakes to swim nearby for 365 days. For further info call 9820149022 email: face book: hide-out farm

  2. hey guys…i had read this post about a year ago and had planned to go someday…well, looks like that days finally here…i wish to visit the sewri mudflats in this week…as mentioned, i will contact the no.s given…but is there any advice i could get from anyone right now?


  3. i would be glad if u can give us the directions to this place from Akbarallys pls ….. who and wer to go?

  4. Hey Monica,

    Much appreciated – its been a while, since I have personally gone there again. I would definitely plan to visit Ujjani.
    Wish you happy birding too.

    BTW, which seasons/month do you recommend visiting there?

    With regards,

  5. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the flamingo info……i am an avid bird watcher n hv been visiting the Sewri mudflats for the past couple of weeks for Flamingo sighting bt in vain! The ferries i guess hv been shut so no more boats, though i called on d nos. mentioned in d blog.

    If i guys r seriously interested in bird watching, then u should go visit the Ujjani Dam on the Bhima river, 105kms frm Pune….it is a haven for migratory birds!

    Thanks again n happy birding.


  6. Hey Angad,

    Glad to hear from you, I am not sure if this is the right season though. You can stil contact the Phone no on the blog post. He was the boatman who helped us navigate the creek to take a closer look at the pink beauty.
    You can let me know, if you still need my help. I can get you in touch with other bird lovers in the city.

    Thanks for reaching me out.
    ~ Vj

  7. Hi, came across your post when i was searching for flamingos in Mumbai. Do you guys still go birding? If yes, a friend of mine and I would be visiting Mumbai next month and would like love to join you guys.


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